Paul J. Stevenson is an accredited Traumatologist with the International Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, as well as a registered Psychologist in Australia (PSY0001607292) with forty-three (43) years experience in the Human Services Industry, both to the private and public sectors.

Paul has extensive Clinical experience, and hold a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology. Over the past 25 years, he has specialised in the clinical treatment of victims of trauma, and the strategic design and evaluation of Disaster Management interventions.

Paul is a Fellow and current National President of the Australian Association of Psychologists, a Fellow and former National President of the Australian College of Clinical Psychologists, a former Consultant to the Psychologist’s Board of Queensland, a presiding member of Queenland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, a member of the Green Cross Academy of Traumatologists, a Forensic Consultant to the Queensland Police Service (Homicide Division), a member of The Australian Institute of International Affairs, a board member of the United Nations Australia Association, and a former lecturer for the University of Qld., Bond and Griffith Universities.

In his professional capacity, Paul has provided on-site consultancy services to most major disasters in Australia (over the past twenty years), and more recently to international disasters involving Australians. These include the Charleville Floods and Droughts (1993), the Moura Mine Disaster (1994), the Port Arthur Shootings (1996), the Margaret River Landslide (1996), the Thredbo Landslip (1997), the Bali Bombings (2002 and 2005), the J.W. Marriott Hotel Bombing in Jakarta (2003), businesses affected by the Australian Embassy Bombing in Jakarta (2004), the Beaconsfield Mine Disaster (2006) the Malaysian Airlines MH370 and MH17 Disasters (2014). He was also an adviser to the Prime Minister (Hon. John Howard) during the Indian Ocean Tsunami campaign (2004/05), and has provided assessment services to G4s Security for Asylum Seekers on Nauru. He has provided onsite assessment services to G4s and Wilson Security staff in Regional Processing Centres for Asylum Seekers on Nauru and Manus Island.

During the Port Arthur campaign, Paul was Queensland Coordinator of the Incident Recovery Service, and was engaged in the strategic planning and evaluation of counselling and debriefing services for sixteen (16) months subsequent. In Bali, he worked directly with the Consular-General, and conducted debriefing services to the Bali International Medical Clinic, during the first week of the crisis.

Paul was honoured with an Order of Australia Medal in 2004, in recognition of his International Disaster Management interventions. He has subsequently (2012) received the United Nations Association of Australia Award.

In recent times, Paul was a consultant to the Department of Communities, Lifeline and the Salvation Army during the Brisbane (2011) and Bundaberg (2013) Flood Disasters, and audited the facilities of the Brisbane Floods Evacuation Centre at the RNA Show Grounds. Since July 2014, he has served as an EAP Counsellor (PsyCare) on Nauru and Manus Island.

In addition to the above on-site experience with disasters, Paul has continuously conducted seminars in Disaster Management and CISD over the past twenty (20) years, as well as training courses to more than five hundred (500) crisis management personnel, and supervision to more than fifty (50) professional field practitioners.

Paul has authored and published four books: Postcards from Ground Zero on the subject of International Disaster Management and Trauma Psychology; Are We There Yet? on Strategic Planning; Best Practice for Human Services a manager’s guide; and It’s all Good on relaxation and meditation (compact disc).


  • Medallist – Order of Australia (2004)
  • Humanitarian Award – United Nations Association of Australia (2012)


  • Registered Psychologist in Australia (Reg. No: PSY0001607292)
  • Master of Organisational Psychology (University of Queensland, 1993)
  • Post-Grad. Diploma in Psychology (University of Queensland, 1989)
  • Bachelor of Arts – double major in psychology and single major in music (University of Queensland, 1987)
  • Accredited Compassion fatigue Educator (Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, 2014)
  • Certificate of Social Work (Queensland Institute of Technology KPTC. 1979)
  • Bachelor of Business Management – (Queensland Institute of Technology, 1976)

Professional associations

  • Current National President – Australian Association of Psychologists.
  • Former National President – Australian College of Clinical Psychologists.
  • Member – Australian Psychological Society.
  • Member – Australian Institute of International Affairs.
  • Board Member – United Nations Australia Association.
  • Fellow – Australian Association of Psychologists.
  • Fellow – Australian College of Clinical Psychologists.
  • Member – International Green Cross Academy of Traumatology.
  • Consultant – Trauma Centre of Australia.
  • Life Member – Order of Australia Association.
  • Honorary Consultant – Victims of Crime Association.
  • Forensic Consultant – Queensland Police Service (Homicide Division).
  • Presiding Member – Queensland Health Practitioners Tribunal and QCAT.
  • Former Consultant – Queensland Psychologist’s Registration Board.