Compassion Fatigue relates to the symptoms of burnout and job dissatisfaction so commonly experienced by human services professionals and volunteers. It manifests in feelings of being manipulated or used up. It is the case that constant dependence by the patient or client, and constant attention to their needs, can render health workers anxious and depressed.

Compassion Fatigue counselling and support aims to provide health workers with strategies to endure the constancy of caring, and to find motivation and enthusiasm to continue in their chosen field.

Most commonly, Compassion Fatigue is endemic amongst carers for the elderly in Palliative care, those with physical and intellectual disabilities, and those with mental health concerns. Other workers who are affected include emergency services workers, police and fire officers, paramedics, and volunteer disaster personnel.

The process of Compassion Fatigue counselling and support begins with a thorough testing procedure, wherein the specifics of the condition inform the therapy which follows. Many times, the health worker simply wants somebody to talk with and vent the pent up feelings. Other times, he/she needs to find time-out, take respite, or even an extended break from the helping environment. Mostly, this can be facilitated by WorkCover benefits, and Centrelink Sick Leave arrangements.