Compassionate Australia Party – “Truth with Tact”


My name’s Paul Stevenson,

Welcome to the Compassionate Australia Party!

Given you’ve opened this page, I suspect you’re looking for an alternative to the current adversarial nature of Australian Politics – a system which features forceful and aggressive leadership styles, using strong rhetoric and ad hominem assault. The Australian Parliamentary process has become a catchment pool for career politicians scrambling over each other to manipulate and disempower their colleagues.

The Compassionate Australia Party (CAP) is a Federal Senate Party (Queensland) that seeks to bring decorum back into the political process, while providing a voice for those not always heard. We believe the statement is equally as important as the delivery, and
truth can be told in an air of respect and dignity for opposing views. The Compassionate Australia Party is one for all who believe the country can move forward via fruitful and negotiative discussions, recorded for posterity (where it counts) in Hansard.

The Compassionate Australia Party has no fixed policies. The reason for this is an understanding that the world changes, and Party’s with fixed policies are often obstinate to change and adaptation, and ultimately fall foul of promises delivered at election time, that become irrelevant thereafter. Rather, CAP has developed a set of principles, which govern our intent, and underline short-term policies and implementations. It is a set of “fair go” principles, which outlines one’s personal responsibilities in relation to those of the Federal Government.

Please take a look at the table below, and let us know what you think. Feel free to suggest items we may have overlooked. If you’d like to join the Party, please join online at:

This is the professional website of the Party Leader and Founder, which has a link to the Party. 

Please note the membership fee is set at only fifty dollars ($50). This is a low fee because we don’t want to deter anybody from joining. We appreciate that many potential members will be struggling financially, and it is more important for us to have the required number (550) of members to form the Party prior to the 2022 election, than to make a lot of money.

I hope you’ll join us in transforming the Australian Federal Senate.

Paul Stevenson- Party Leader

Compassionate Australia Party Principles - "Truth with Tact"

Principles must be Fair Go and SMART.

A list of principles is outlined in the table below. Obviously, CAP policies based on these principles, will not restricted to these issues only, but many of the main policies are encapsulated within this table. A filter is also applied to all principles, and all policies for action they must meet the following SMART criteria.

S – Strategic

M – Manageable

A – Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Timely