My name’s Paul Stevenson,

Given you’ve opened this page, I suspect you’re looking for an alternative to the current adversarial nature of Australian Politics – a system which features forceful and aggressive leadership styles, using strong rhetoric and ad hominem assault. The Australian Parliamentary process has become a catchment pool for career politicians scrambling over each other to manipulate and disempower their colleagues.

I am running as an Independent Candidate for Fadden (Qld) to bring decorum back into the political process, while providing a voice for those not always heard. I believe the statement is equally as important as the delivery, and truth can be told in an air of respect and dignity for opposing views. I also believe the country can move forward via fruitful and negotiative discussions, recorded for posterity (where it counts) in Hansard.

I do not have any fixed policies. The reason for this is an understanding that the world changes, and Parties with fixed policies are often obstinate to change and adaptation. Ultimately they fall short of promises delivered at election time, that become irrelevant thereafter. Rather, I have developed a set of principles, which govern my intent, and underline short-term policies and implementations. It is a set of “fair go” principles, which outlines one’s personal responsibilities in relation to those of the Federal Government.

Please take a look at the table below, and let us know what you think. Feel free to suggest items we may have overlooked. If you’d like to support me in running as an Independent Candidate for Fadden, please submit your details below.

I am seeking 100 signatures from the community to run as an independent and bring forth changes we need to todays Government.

Paul Stevenson

Principles must be Fair Go and SMART.

S – Strategic

M – Manageable

A – Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

Paul's Fair-Go Principles

Personal Responsibilities

  • Maintain physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • Diet, exercise, relaxation, sleep.
  • Moderate (and legal) use of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Maintain regular medical check-ups and monitoring.
  • Maintain Private Health Membership (if affordable).
  • Maintain employment.
  • Engage in interests, hobbies, sports and entertainment.

Government's Responsibilities

  • Provide free hospitals for physical and mental health admissions.
  • Re-establish medium to long term psychiatric hospitals.
  • Provide adequate health promotion and research.
  • Maintain Medicare and extend NDIS.
  • Extend Aged Care funding.
  • Enhance (sustainable) welfare support.
  • Subsidies cultural arts and theatre.
  • Build playgrounds and sporting venues.

Personal Responsibilities

  • Buy or rent a house.
  • Engage with private education (if affordable).
  • Pay taxes.
  • Join a superannuation Fund.

Government's Responsibilities

  • Provide adequate supportive housing.
  • Enhance funding for free State Education.
  • Provide free Universities.
  • Manage the Economy wisely and maintain honest taxation.

Personal Responsibilities

  • Vote responsibly (keeping abreast of the issues).
  • Adhere to the law.
  • Show compassion for all (colour, creed and political view).
  • Embrace Indigenous Culture.

Government's Responsibilities

  • Sustain full-term election cycles.
  • Tenaciously protect civil liberties.
  • Provide essential services during disasters.
  • Stop detention of Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Personal Responsibilities

  • Cut emissions.
  • Support renewable energies.
  • Buy an environmentally friendly vehicle.
  • Recycle everything.

Government's Responsibilities

  • Meet Paris Agreement to zero emissions by 2050.
  • Protect forests and prevent bushfires.
  • Increase funding to renewable energy vehicles.
  • Provide efficient public transport.

Paul J Stevenson for Division of Fadden

Support Paul in his campaign to become an Independent Candidate for Fadden and help make the changes to Government to match todays needs.
  • I, elector on the electoral roll for the division of Fadden, who are entitled to vote at the election of a Member of the House of Representatives for that division hereby nominate the candidate Paul J Stevenson as an Independent Member of the House of Representatives for the above named division. Nominators enrolled on the Commonwealth electoral roll as silent electors are not required to disclose their residential address on the nomination form. This site collects the above information for the intent of providing support for above candidate to run in the 2023 Fadden by-election on Saturday 15th July 2023. I consent to the the above terms of use for my information.