Australia has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the western world. While some argue the rate is ever increasing, others believe it has always been highly prevalent, with rising statistics due to more tenacious reporting.

There are many reasons behind acts of domestic violence in Australia. Most commonly, the stress of modern living affects relationships, causing one partner to lash out at the other. In other cases, it is caused by low impulse control or unmanageable anger, or physical and intellectual disability. Many believe it is as a result of a lack of development or maturity in one partner, who is often fueled by alcohol and other drugs.

Whatever the case – domestic violence is wrong! It is a criminal offence for one person to harm another physically, emotionally, cohesively and financially.  It is also a moral offence to do so psychologically.

Thankfully, there are many services available to the victim of domestic violence. At the outset there are numerous counselling services to assist and advise. Following from this, are the services offered by this agency – assessments and reports. In the extreme case, the Family Court can determine an outcome for the protection of the victim and the family, and the possible incarceration of the offender.